Thursday, February 23, 2012

Water droplet story

I am a water droplet, and I live in a river. But oh, how annoying it is when all the fish do is bump into me. Oh no! I am rising into the air. The air is making me kind of sleepy. I think I will take a long nap. Hey, what woke me up? I am very upset! Oh, that's what woke me up, the lightning. Oh no, don't make a hole in the cloud! I don't want to fall. I'm faaallling. It's getting so cold. I'm freezing. I am a solid. I am a snowflake. I landed on a tree. All of the snowflake friends are landing on me. What's happening? The snow is melting and I am a droplet again. Ah, I'm falling off the tree. This is actually pretty fun. Oh no, not those fish again!

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