Thursday, January 28, 2010


Once there was a little girl named Bella. She was playing in the snow and she was wearing mittens. While she was playing, her mittens fell off her hands. Then something mysterious happened to the mittens. They came alive! They ran away quickly, up a tree. When they got to the top, they saw a caterpillar. He was a very friendly caterpillar. The mittens asked him how to get to the junkyard. He told them the way. So the mittens went the way the caterpillar had told them, but ended up in someone elses house. So they went back outside, and walked to New York City. They saw many things like the statue of liberty and Chinatown. They went into a restaurant in Chinatown, where they ate a hot tamale and noodles. When they were full, they went back to the little girl. Then, they were not alive anymore!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Baptism

I was Baptized on January 2nd, in the Wylie 2nd ward. I wanted to get baptized with my friend and 2nd cousin Lille. She's like my sister. Aunt Barbara and Uncle Bill were there. Matt and aunt Katy Morphis were there too. Grace was also there.
The dress that I got baptized in, is a nightgown that my mom made for me. The other white dress that I wore before and after I got baptized, had a stripe of colors. My grandma got that dress for me.
For the service, we were in the chapel. Great grandma Helen, grandma Ashurst, and Uncle Bill Benac talked at the microphone (actually not Liz, she directed the music). They talked about what we were going to do after we got baptized. That we should be nice, and help others. We should be nice to our enemies, and help them do things like; if they don't know math, we can help them with it, and how to do it. Aunt Barbara played the piano.
All my cousins that were there went up on the stage, to sing a song. "When Jesus Christ was baptized". That's what we all sang. Some other people talked (the bishop), and then I got baptized.

I got baptized in a tub of water. Dad said the prayer, and then he pushed my hand, and I bent my legs. Then he dunked me under and pulled me back up. I had to dunk under water 3 times, because my dad messed up on the prayer. Then I said to my mom: "But now I am a member of Lille's church!!
After I got baptized, it was Lille's turn to get baptized. She slid unto the floor, and stayed straight as a board. Then she got out, and we went back into the chapel. We sang some songs. Some men put their hands on my head, and I was confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus (what is our church called????) ...

My favorite part was when he dunked me under, because the water was warm, and it felt good. Now that I am baptized, I can return to Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father when I grow old.

My Testimony:
I know this Church is true. Joseph Smith was a true prophet. Gordon B Hinckley was also a prophet. Everybody can be baptized when they're 8, or older. We can all return to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, if we obey His commandments. We should all read our scriptures every morning and night that we can.

In the name of Jesus Christ Amen