Saturday, April 16, 2011

Opas moving

Today my opa(grandpa) is moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emma moved a few weeks ago and she moved further away from my family`s house. I didn't have that much fun at opa's house when they were unpacking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Because there were no toy's that they would let us play with.My oma(grandma)gave me a beautiful gray hat with a bow .....and thats the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On Monday I drew this.Dad said it was really good.I also thought it was good!!!!!!!!!!!
I had to erase some of it every once in a while.I made the sun angry because it didn't"
like bunny who teased him for being so hot !!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At the woods

We went to the woods while we were there we did many fun things. For instance we built a big fort that you couldn't see through. We wanted to make our fort over the top of the tree stump, but there were bees inside. I almost got stung by one, because I stepped on it. When we were done making the fort, we got to eat our snacks and drinks.

Daddy also made a little fire inside the little fort.
We wanted to play hide and seek, but dad didn't want to. So we played marbles, because Sterling brought all of his marbles with him.
It was kind of chilly out there, and we didn't really bring our jackets. All we had was our sweaters. After that, we went to a playground that I didn't really get to play on because Sterling needed to go home because he needed to go to the bathroom. Before that, dad tried to get a birds nest that was super high in the air, in a super high tree. He said he could climb it, but he didn't want to. So he climbed little bit, and then climbed back down. After he got down, we went back to the fort to see if anyone had taken it, and then we were going home and walked on a little bridge where if you fall in, then you will get soaked and be hard to get out. We eventually crossed it safely.
Sterling was the first one to try and go over the bridge. We also found a few hiking sticks, and a few burnt up places where other people had made their fires.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We moved to Holland

2 weeks ago we moved to Holland. We moved to Holland because dad was going to school and mom wanted to move here. When we got to the airport we had to wait 1 hour for the plane to come. Mom said she would get us ice cream, but she didn't get it when we were in the airport. When we were on the airplane, I watched Peter Pan, 102 Dalmatians, Despicable me. Later on when my ears were popping, my mom wouldn't give me my gum. When we got off the airplane, mom brought us to get some ice cream like she said before. I thought the ice cream was better than the ice cream in America.

Then we had to decide which cars to get in. I got to go in Opa's car, and Opa and dad got to go in the van. When we got to our new house, I started looking around. When I saw my room I almost screamed. Me and Ginger were fighting whether we got to sleep on the top bunk or not. I decided to sleep on the bottom, which is better because you can get out of bed faster when you need to do something. One week later we got everyone's bikes. We got mine first. We tried one bike that was a little bit too big for me. Then we looked at a different bike that was perfect. Then we went home so we could get mom's bank pas and me and mom rode home. A few days later I got something that goes on the back of my bike (saddle bags) and mom bought some for her bike too.

Our new church has English teachers. Some don't speak English, but my teacher does. Sometimes she translates for me, and sometimes she doesn't. Hannah is my new best friend. We met each other on New Year's eve. We also know each other because we go to church and school together. Our church here in Holland is much smaller than the one in Texas.

I go to Dutch school now and I have lots of new friends there. I can't remember all their names, because there's lots of them. One of them can speak English and Dutch. Our teacher is very nice, because she teaches us Dutch and if we need help saying something, she'll help us. She lets us play games that have to do with Dutch and learn more Dutch and write it in a book. First we get a workbook, then we write something in Dutch and then in English.

When opa came over we were watching a movie. Right now I'm in my living room. It is bigger than our other living room. It has a cool light shade. We get heat out of the floor, and in the morning when it's super cold it warms our feet up. The kitchen is very small. It has a small freezer that's kind of like a box and opens from the top. Our house is 3 stories high. The bathrooms are also very small. When you stand up, you bonk your head on the wall.

I miss the cheese from America. And I miss grandma and grandpa, and their house that they lived it. I miss all my friends from school.