Friday, July 23, 2010

The whole summer

My mom has been so excited lately, because 2 people want to buy our house at the same time. And 2 more people are coming to look tomorrow to see if they want to buy the house. She thinks they will make an offer, so she shakes me every time she gets so excited. I also like playing the Wii. But here's what I don't like about it. Before I can play the wii, I have to do the "Dutch game' (rosetta stone), which is so boring, because all you have to do is click the right answers and say things in Dutch. Here's the worst thing; sometimes I say things right, but they think I'm wrong. But I'm really not. I'm doing great at it. After I play the Dutch game, I'm allowed to play Wii. We have charts to say how many minutes we have. Right now, I don't have too many minutes. I've almost finished my chart.

This summer we went to the waterpark, Hawaiian Falls, lots of times. Sometimes we invite Riley, Bailee, Brooks, Tucker, and Tracey (Sparks) of course over with us. Some of the rides I did were the "Pineapple Express". It's like this thing where you lay on this mat and hold on to a handle bar. Then, when the lifeguard says "go", you push yourself off, and you go down in a race. Whoever goes furthest, wins. Another thing I like, which is not really a ride, is the lazy river. There are floaties, where you can go down the river, and you can go out whenever you want. Something that Tracey was scared of, was not so scary for me. It's called the Torpedo. The floor drops out from under your feet, and you fall down this big slide. Those are some of the rides I like the best at Hawaiian Falls.

I got a quilt for Christmas that you have to put together. I'm still working on it. It's crazy, because I've been working on it a lot, and I'm still not finished. It has all sorts of colors you can use. You have to knot them together. The colors are: purple, blue, pink, green, orange, and yellow.

Whenever my mom takes care of great grandma, we get to sleep over at her house. And when we sell our house, we allowed to stay with grandma for the rest of the year, until we go to Holland. We're gonna do some redecorating of her kitchen and her living room. My mom says I can help with the wallpaper, but she says I have to ask grandma if I'm allowed to do the painting. Most of the time grandma isn't home, but we get to see her in the morning and at nighttime when we have dinner. She goes to work, that's why she can't be there in the daytime.

Great grandma has a sewing machine. Sometimes she helps me help make quilts, because she makes quilts for her great grandchildren. She made one for me too
I go to poetry class once a week at the library. But not all the time, because sometimes my mom doesn't want to drive to Allen. Some of the books mom picked out from the library this week, were kind of long, but I think they're going to be very interesting. Some of my favorite books are: "just Grace", "Diary of a wimpy kid", "the dragon tree", "the witches".