Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Grade

Mom came back yesterday. It was lots of fun to see her in the morning.

Today was the first day of school. I am in second grade right now. I love second grade a lot!
We learned about a Ven-diagram. It is when you can put something, like a circle or triangle, together and one is at the bottom, and the other one on top of the other one, halfway. (like the circles on the olympic games logo)

I like my new teacher. Her name is Ms Garner. She is the best second grade teacher I have ever met. I like her because she is nice to us.The first day of school didn't seem too long to me. We had to do things that made the day seem shorter. We played with play-doh, and colored. And we put all of our stuff away, like our crayons, markers, and our pencils.

Some of my friends who are in my class, were also in my class last year. One of them is name Annie, Danna, Cameron, and Idreas. There are 15 kids in my class. Cameron, Annie, and Derin are sitting at my table.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Farm day's

We go swimming almost every day in the lake. our new boat is dirty but we still like it......

mom is on a trip to Utah right now but that is ok because were having a fun anyway

once I thought I was going to fall off the four-wheeler but I didn't.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Days in the Lake

This boat is new and we are riding in it today. I hope that tomorrow we get to go in the boat again. It is a great boat. The boat is in the middle of our lake. I am having lots of fun because you can dive off of it. I like how the water feels in the lake. It feels like you are in a tub of bubbly water. I don't like to swim in the seaweed so I stay near the boat where there is no seaweed because in the middle there is not very much seaweed. There's lots of seaweed by the sides of the lake. My dad, Sterling and my sister Ginger went in the boat and took a little ride. Justin (our dog) came too. With Justin it was a lot of fun because we got to pet him and we got to do lots of things with him. I like diving off the edge of the boat. Ginger and Sterling wore lifejackets, but me and my dad didn't because Ginger and Sterling don't know how to swim that well. Sometimes I used floaty toys because sometimes I might have drowned and I just threw it in the lake so that if I needed it I could just swim over and get it.

This is a picture of me. My dad took the picture.

I took a picture of my dad, Sterling and Ginger while they were in the water. The dock is behind them if you look closely. There is land and some seaweed too. And if you look close enough you might see what holds the boat onto the truck.

There is Sterling chasing my dad. He likes to chase him in the water sometimes - lots of times he gets him.

There is my dad's big splash. I know you can see Ginger in the picture, but that is OK because she is cute.

My dad took this picture and you can even see the ducks and the goose. Me, Ginger and Sterling were in the picture. As you can see, the ducks and the goose are in the seaweed. Behind the goose there is a big tree .

There is me and Sterling in the water. My dad took this picture and it looks pretty good.

There's Ginger. As you can see, I am about to dive off the boat cuz that is my favorite thing to do. I love to swim in the lake. i think Ginger does too.

There is me in the boat and Sterling is in the water.

I like this boat alot. It is so much fun.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Swimming of the day

Today we went swimming we got wet and we all had a lot of fun. we all played ball together it was

as fun time for all of us. me, sterling, and ginger walked around the hot tub and in to the pool.

it was the best time ever

My Brother

Sterling loves to be pirates. sterling loves to wear his hook and eye patch he is the best brother.

he is cool and great

some times we play in the pool with sterling. sterling is awesome

Pet Shops

I took this picture of my pet shops today, with my new camera. The pet shops have their own home, and my favorite one is the wiener dog. The lizard is pretty fun too. One of the monkeys always falls down if you try make it sit. They are the only pet shops I have. They're really fun to play with too, because their house has a lot of fun stuff on it, like a skateboard. Sometimes I play games with my pet shops. And they're really good at playing, and they're lot of fun.

Our Farm

Hi my name is Winter and I live on a big farm and we have lots of animals. There are goats, 5 cows, chickens, ducks, and goose. My mom has a garden. In her garden she has squash and tomatoes, zucchini, and peppers.
My dad works hard every day. Sterling and Ginger like to play with each other too. My mom is nice to each and every one of us. She is the best kind of mom anyone can ever have. She helps us sometimes, when we need help with our chores. Dad rides on the 4-wheeler with us, up to the goats and the cows, and we feed the pig and Justin. I think they're very happy after they eat.Justin's the best dog.

Sometimes I read books, and sometimes I go swimming, because they're both my favorite thing to do. My favorite thing about swimming is that we have lots of diving sticks, and I can always dive in the pool to get them. I'm glad that Ginger knows how to swim now.

Sometimes we even get to help dad work, which makes me happy. I like to jump on the trampoline, and go on the swing set. Most of the time we do chores. I like the chores, because I get to pick them. What I don't like about my chores, is sometimes I have to clean the toilet. And the funnest chore to do, is to make my bed, and clean my room. My mom is the best.