Friday, May 9, 2008

My House

At home I play on my swing set, and my brother and sister play with me. When I play with my baby sister Ginger and my brother Sterling they are sort of nice.
I like my house because it makes it so I don't get rained on. Every morning I eat breakfast, and I go to school. I love mom's lunch. I love mom's dinner. I eat my favorite food that my mom cooks.
I love my family. I do Family Home Evening on Mondays. I watch movies sometimes, when mom is working on her computer.
We have fun together at our new house, and we are trying to make it good. (renovations) We invite people to our house sometimes. I like to play with my mom and dad. My mom teaches me how to be nice.
We have fun at this house playing with the goats and kittens. I hope my little tiny kittens will grow; some day they will be like their mother. We really like our animals a lot. Our dogs sometimes jump on us, then I smack them in the face.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A day at school

My favorite thing at school today was playing outside. I played with Heidi. We played hide and go seek.
My teacher's name is Ms Scott. "She bees nice to me every day". We have to do tests, and I don't like to do them.
I had fun talking to my friends on the bus. "I have to sit on the bus for 12 hours I think, I'm not sure" (her bus ride is quite long: 45 minutes)
My friend Angelic and I played together outside at school, during recess. I also went to the gym. We played basketball. I won the first and third game, but lost the second one.
I saw a guinea pig in the nurse's office. It was in a little cage, running in his little wheel. Then I played with my bestest friends, Steven Key, Angel Luerda, Jacob Snotter, Heide Vibbort, and that's it.