Wednesday, March 30, 2011

At the woods

We went to the woods while we were there we did many fun things. For instance we built a big fort that you couldn't see through. We wanted to make our fort over the top of the tree stump, but there were bees inside. I almost got stung by one, because I stepped on it. When we were done making the fort, we got to eat our snacks and drinks.

Daddy also made a little fire inside the little fort.
We wanted to play hide and seek, but dad didn't want to. So we played marbles, because Sterling brought all of his marbles with him.
It was kind of chilly out there, and we didn't really bring our jackets. All we had was our sweaters. After that, we went to a playground that I didn't really get to play on because Sterling needed to go home because he needed to go to the bathroom. Before that, dad tried to get a birds nest that was super high in the air, in a super high tree. He said he could climb it, but he didn't want to. So he climbed little bit, and then climbed back down. After he got down, we went back to the fort to see if anyone had taken it, and then we were going home and walked on a little bridge where if you fall in, then you will get soaked and be hard to get out. We eventually crossed it safely.
Sterling was the first one to try and go over the bridge. We also found a few hiking sticks, and a few burnt up places where other people had made their fires.