Thursday, December 31, 2009

Turning 8

I was waiting a long time to turn 8. Finally I got there. I was happy, because I got lots of presents. A lot of people were there to look at my presents. One of my uncles, Josh, missed my birthday party. He had to go home, and take care of his dog Jack. He is a fun dog. Jack left 2 days before I was 8. I had the best birthday party.

I had my birthday party at my grandma's house. I got a purse made out of a little pair of pants from mom. I also got a pearl necklace, bracelet, and earrings from Kelly. Sterling gave me some littlest pet shops. I like them. My grandma gave me a build-a-bear card that had $50 on it.

I went to the mall with my grandma. She was holding my card for me. We were having a little bit of trouble finding the store, but we found it. I made a dog. It was white and brown. I picked out a big bed for her, and pink clothes. The skirt had a bow. The shirt had "Texas" on it, out of sparkles. They also gave me free bows for her ears and tail. They were red, green, and 2 light pink bows. I named my dog Sparkler.

Grandma and I looked around the mall, because there were lots of other stores in the mall. We got to go on escalators. That was fun. I took my dog for a walk around the mall. My grandma took lots of pictures of me. Grandma put me over a fence that was closed , and told me to stand by the Christmas tree. There we presents under the tree, but they were not real. There were big BIG ornaments on the tree. I also got to see the chair that Santa sat in. Then we went outside, it wasn't very cold outside. We got in the car, and my grandma almost forgot to go to the store to get a cake, but I reminded her.

We got a cake that had rings on the sides that were shaped like flowers. There were 8 candles on the top. The frosting was really frosty! It even said on the top: "Happy Birthday Winter". I opened the presents before we ate cake. I ate the cake after my presents, because I wanted to open my presents first. I love presents. I love the cake too. There was lots of frosting! And you know, I like frosting.

We stayed at my grandma's house for a long time. I almost forgot about my own house. As soon as we were on the road, I remembered my house. When we got home, we played a new Wii game, that I got for my birthday. But it was a little to hard, so we started playing Super Mario Brothers. There were lots of games, but they were really hard. My mom and dad were the best at them. They played more than us. But that was okay, because I like watching.

It was a great Birthday because I had the best day of my life!