Thursday, February 23, 2012

Water droplet story

I am a water droplet, and I live in a river. But oh, how annoying it is when all the fish do is bump into me. Oh no! I am rising into the air. The air is making me kind of sleepy. I think I will take a long nap. Hey, what woke me up? I am very upset! Oh, that's what woke me up, the lightning. Oh no, don't make a hole in the cloud! I don't want to fall. I'm faaallling. It's getting so cold. I'm freezing. I am a solid. I am a snowflake. I landed on a tree. All of the snowflake friends are landing on me. What's happening? The snow is melting and I am a droplet again. Ah, I'm falling off the tree. This is actually pretty fun. Oh no, not those fish again!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If I were a mountain man

If I were a mountain man, I would live in a big cave made from big rocks. And if I could I would make a pack of at least 30-40 people. The cave would be very long and narrow. The women would collect mosses to make beds and other things. They would find mosses on trees, logs etc. While the men were out in the wide prairies hunting for animals they could kill and eat such as mountain goats and other wild animals. I would be one of the men, and I would help track down and hunting animals. Hunting animals isn't like going to the supermarket. Not at all. You would have to make an arrow and make a bow. First you would make a sharp point with a rock to be able to kill an animal. Then you would need a long straight thick stick for the arrow.  And if you didn't have wool you would use a vine to wrap the rock on the stick. For the bow you would need a very long piece of wood. You would carve it where it was curved a bit so it was easier to hold. When you were done that's when you can start getting ready to hunt and kill your prey.