Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Turkey and the Feast

It was Thanksgiving day, and turkey was getting ready. On his morning walk, he saw racoon. He asked her this: "Can I invite you to my feast?" "OK" said the racoon, so on they walked in cold air. They they saw a big bird, and the racoon asked him if he wanted to come to turkey's feast. "OK".
So they went back home and started to cook. They carefully followed turkey into his kitchen. They blindfolded the turkey because they secretly wanted him to be the dinner. They made him walk up the stairs, to go into the oven. He went in and they slammed the door shut. Fifteen hours later they go check on the turkey. When they open the oven door the turkey is inside. He is laying peacefully. The racoon touches him gently to see if he is dead or alive. The turkey's eye pops open and he says: "You forgot to preheat!" Happy Thanksgiving!
~Second Grade Creative Writing Story 4
Illustrated by Annie Poon


  1. Friggin awesome. I especially like the "evil eyes" the bird makes. That spider looks like he wanted in on the feast as well!